Sunday, October 13, 2013

Positive Thinking through Faith and Science!

As most of you know, my ministry has always believed in the power of positive thinking. Or, as my guest for our monthly call on Tuesday, Dr. Daniel Amen says "re-wiring our brain to release negative thoughts." My most recent book, "When You are Down to Nothing, God is up to Something" talks about finding the best in every situation. No matter who you are, what you believe or how you try to control a situation, bad things happen to everyone.

"When things happen in our lives that tempt us to think poorly of ourselves  -- we are fired from a job, divorced by a spouse, estranged from a friend, critized by ourselves over a personal failure -- we have to do two things:

  1. Examine ourselves (see 1Cor. 11:31). We have to make sure we have not created a reason for fear and intimidation to come in -- like Adam did. If we have, we must make things right and reestablish our moral and spiritual authority out of which love and self-discipline flow. We cannot live with a compromised conscience and expect to have power, love, and self-discipline. 
  2. Refuse fear (see Tim. 1:7). If you are standing in moral and spiritual authority before God, you have no reason to fear or be intimidated by anyone, If God changes your place in life, so be it. You can accept that change with the full confidence that it is God's doing, not man's. And you can know that God is up to something new and good in your life. 

It is impossible to live a life untouched by fear. There will continue to be situations in which we are tempted to yield our power, love and self-discipline to people or forces that would take it away. But that doesn't mean we have to yield and live a fearful, intimidated life. Living a fearless life doesn't mean living untouched by fear. It means trusting in God even in the moments when we are most vulnerable."

(When You are Down to Nothing, God is Up to Something, Page 126-127)

Faith has taught me to trust that God is always in control. I have learned to always look at the bright side because I know that everything will turn out for the best -- even if I can't see the end result.

I am so thrilled that our guest on Tuesday for our monthly call holds this same belief.  Dr. Daniel Amen always speaks about "rewiring our brain to release negative thoughts." If you have trouble relying on your faith to see you through a hard time, Dr. Amen's research shows that even in the medical world, there is scientific proof that a positive attitude will lead to a positive life.

Join us this coming Tuesday evening at 6:00pm (Pacific Time) as Dr. Amen shares practical exercises we can use to re-wire our brain.  He will share how to keep our brains young and renewed!  I encourage you to read more about Dr. Amen by clicking here. As always, during our open mic time, you may ask Dr. Amen or myself any questions you may have. I look forward to speaking, praying and sharing with you this Tuesday, October 15, at 6:00pm.

To access The Call at 6pm Pacific Time on the 15th of October (or any month) please dial:  530-881-1300  When prompted enter this code:  642848#  Invite anyone you know who could use some mid-month inspiration.

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